I Believe in Happiness

Reena - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism, nature

I believe in warm, true happiness. There are so many aspects in this chaotic world that I used to think were happiness, but I have come to the conclusion that there is much more to the meaning of the word. People may criticize me for my young age and insist that I don’t know much about life because I have barely any experience with it. However, I have been through enough to know more about happiness than most people come to realize in their entire lifetime.

Happiness is nature. Nature is something incredibly precious that most people overlook everyday. Going to school for seven hours each day and then straight to work for five more, I used to be that type of person. I never had time to enjoy all the wonderful things around me. I have always believed in protecting and preserving this planet simply because this is where I live. Now my motivation is that nature is beautiful. Why should I help participate in destroying it? To just be outdoors looking at what is around me is happiness.

Happiness is optimism. Terrible things in life are going to happen. There will always be difficult times. That is life, and there is no escaping it. The key is to find the positives in all situations. If my best friend can lose her care, her family, and her freedom in one night and still say that her life is better than most other people, that is the essence of optimism. When I listen to her I realize that everything always has a better side to it, and that’s how I should start thinking.

Happiness is a smile. However, a smile is only happiness when it is genuine. Whether it is mine or someone else’s, a true smile can brighten the worst of days. The happiest of smiles and the most important are those given by someone else because of you. Whenever I cause a smile that is authentic, there is no better feeling to be felt.

Happiness is the most important aspect of, not only my life, but life in general. It is fundamental. With all the pain and suffering and violence happening at every second of every day, it something truly special to be completely happy. I was once blinded by the false happinesses in life, such as money, my social life, material items, etc. Now I know what it really means to honestly live happy. I just hope that I never lose sight of what that means to me.