Determination and Hard work Pays Off

Martin - Seattle, Washington
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Determination and hard work are key to success,” may sound a little corny, but have you ever taken a second to think about it, dig down deep and try to find out what it really means. To me it is what you’re always supposed to do no matter what. Determination is what keeps me going everyday. Hard work is what keeps me going to the Bush School. It takes hard work and Determination to succeed for everything in life. I believe that determination and hard work are key to success and without it you can never do anything.

I remember when I was little, I wanted to do everything, always changing and moving on, from martial arts to sports, from sports to martial arts. But soon I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I always failed. Yet that wasn’t when I found out that working hard and determination are key to success. It was when my sister’s friend got kicked out of Rainier Scholars, an academic program for minorities, because of cheating. He tried to finish Rainier Scholars the easy way and got caught trying. It showed me that I can’t get things done the easy way but have to work for it.

Five years later I was accepted into the same program as my sister, Rainier Scholars. I thought it would be easy because my sister went through it and passed it with only an A- as her lowest grade. I went home the next day and nearly cry, because of how much work we had to do. But I was klv, I knew I shouldn’t quit because I saw that I could gain a lot from this program. And the only way to achieve and take advantage of what I could get, I had to work hard. So I did, and what did I get from my hard work? I was accepted to great private school and was rewarded with much knowledge that I would know if I didn’t go to Rainier scholars.

I know sometimes I just get frustrated at things, and just want to quit, but I always look back to all those times when I gave up. Then I would tell in myself, “You will never succeed in life without determination and hard work.” It keeps me going and it helps me to be who I am today. I believe that the only way to succeed in life is with determination and hard work. You live, you die, and this is one of the things you have to do to survive and succeed. This I believe isn’t corny.