Happiness & Pain

Arun - Seattle, WA 98102, Washington
Entered on May 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life is like a series of dark tunnels. You may trip and stumble, but you will always find happiness at the end. I believe that life has both sorrow and happiness, and the two usually come after each other. I learned that sometimes disappointment is the path to happiness and progress. You have to know good and bad to guide you through out your life.

Last summer, I was told I had a spine disorder called scoliosis. I would have to get surgery in the near future. There went my vacation, recreation, and hanging out with my buddies. I was both shocked and angry with my parents. I didn’t talk to them; I didn’t spend time with them. They told me that if I didn’t have surgery, I wouldn’t be able to walk. I trusted them. It was for my good.

For a long time I didn’t want to talk about the spine problem. I kept doing my normal activities as if I didn’t have a back problem. I kept asking myself “How did this happen”? I acted snobbish; as if I didn’t need anyone’s help. I felt sick and frustrated. The doctor kept on answering questions that I hardly knew answers to. When did I have back pain? I hardly even keep track of any pain. What was I? A computer?

My doctor told me that I should be stressed about my surgery. He said that having surgery on my spine is very hard. Why? Nobody is born perfectly. If my parents could have surgery, why would I have to worry? I was calm the day in the surgery waiting room. I was very arrogant and impatient. I had the feeling of “Let’s get this over with.” My parents were very concerned and wished the best. I thanked them and left, being escorted to the surgery room. They took me and put me on a bed. Then I felt very spaced out and then I could not remember anything else.

I woke up tired and nauseas. My back hurt every time I moved I felt very dizzy when getting out of bed. It was horrible. I couldn’t eat since I felt very sick, but still my mom kept saying, “Eat, it’s good for your health.” The nurse kept giving me some acidic juice to breakdown my food, but I kept throwing up. I was so angry, I avoided talking. Everyday was exhausting, waking up two times a night just to take medicine, or go to the bathroom. I left the hospital a week later.

My belief of how through disappointment and misery you will find happiness is very true for me. If I had not had surgery, I would a crippled person who can’t walk. I understand that everyone will have ups and downs in their life, but it leads to happiness. Sometimes, you must trust that something is for the best, and even though circumstances may be rough, you will always find happiness.