Finding My Pants

Ori - New York City, New York
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my opinion, I’m a musician. Others see me to have a severe case of doodling, which is also correct. I play music, doodle, and just point out my opinion because I believe in self-expression. I believe in letting what’s in my head run free in any form I desire. That by expressing myself I become a better person, and a less stressed person. Self-expression lets out what needs to come out from inside of me. I’m also proud of my self-expression, because it makes me an individual, and a diverse world is in my opinion is a beautiful world.

I think my most obvious way of self-expression is my pants. Yes, these majestic pieces of clothing are my main “art” piece. Some might that it’s disgusting, that it ruins clothing, that it’s “goth” or “emo”, that I’m trying to be a wannabe rock star (even though no one really said the wannabe part). I respectfully disagree. I personally have nothing against those two cultures, and I accept all people, but I’m that’s not what I’m trying to portray. My pants are my drawing board, my place to write music. My pants are my billboard of thoughts and opinions, and I respect anyone who disagrees with those opinions. I think that everybody should find their pants. Whether the pants are a notebook cover, paper, or even the walls, those pants are a place to let out what’s inside.

Music is my favorite way to express myself. I’m open to all music. I listen to all music, as long as it’s original creative and deep. I don’t judge it by its genre. This allows me to use music as my medication, it soothes me. If I’m mad, I’ll listen to metal or grunge. If I’m sad, I’ll listen to the blues, or blues-based rock, like Led Zeppelin, and the late great Jimi Hendrix. If I’m relaxed, I’ll go to my favorite jazz artist, Miles Davis, for help. Music feels me feel relaxed, excited, and every other feeling imaginable. Music in my opinion is the best way to express myself. If I’m depressed, I’ll play some bluesy tune on my bass. If I’m mad or excited, I’ll play something crazy on the drums. Music is my way to let out thoughts.

Self-expression is in my opinion a path to a happier life. It’s my way of telling everyone my opinions. It’s can come out in so many beautiful ways, music, drawing, and just by writing this essay, which I’ll count as “beautiful” for now. So I encourage everyone to get up, look around, and find your pants!