It’s not just a sport

Carly - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There is a peace about knowing there is something or somewhere that is your escape. Somewhere you can call your own. Everyone has their days when they need to get away. The stress may be too much to handle and they need time to breathe and recuperate. Some people turn to movies, books, or friends. I turn to Softball. Standing on the field, waiting for the ball, not knowing where it is going. My mind races all I think about is that one moment in time. When I step into the batters box and read the signs from my coach, I am alive. As I set up, the ball in motion, flying in over the plate, that’s all I see. Running the bases and hearing the people cheer me on gives me a sense of belonging. It gives me the freedom from the hardships in life. I can be myself for a couple hours a day and not worry about anything. Softball also acts as my anchor. Days go by when the season ends and I am upset because my day is just not going well, I go to the batting cages or I jog to stay in shape for the new season. It saves me from the whirlwind that is my mind. It keeps me level headed and looking toward tomorrow. Softball is not just a sport to me. It is a way of living, a lifestyle. Softball gives me the confidence in myself to move forward. It teaches me to be a better person, and to know sometimes I need the help of others. Everyone needs somewhere to go; a place to escape to, to be themselves without the stress of school or work. Softball is that safe haven for me. Life is too hard to handle without a moment to take as you’re own, or a place to call your own… and this, I believe.