Nancy - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

Peace though a seemingly hard-to-reach goal, reaching it or attempting to reach it is vital to growth. Peace is not one idea or group dominating and suppressing the voices of all other ideas and groups so that on the surface their nation or world seems to be at peace. Peace is the ability to coexist with people of differing views and nationalities.

My parents brought me here from Egypt when I was eight months old. They left a country divided by religion. Here, in America divisions of religion are considerably tolerated, however in Egypt the ten percent of Christians amongst a majority of Muslims are persecuted and in a constant state of terror. Peace is not a known concept there as much as it really needs to be. There no peace, no justice and no equality exist between the Muslims and Christians. Christians live in constant fear of their homes being attacked or losing their jobs just because of their beliefs and the intolerance in the culture.

I believe that peace is necessary in order for any sort of growth to occur. Egypt is a country that is rapidly falling behind in the scheme of world politics and economics because of the retardation caused by this inability to coexist and to accept differences in belief. Without uniting peacefully the country cannot grow. For this peace to even have hopes of happening, feelings of unnecessary resentment and hate need to fade away and allow room for peace and understanding to take place.

Peace is a fundamental aspect of any sort of growth in any relationship, person or nation. Issues need to be resolved and differences need to be accepted or at least tolerated. Pushing one’s beliefs onto other people in hopes that they will get over their original beliefs or to eventually forget their real person is not acceptance or tolerance. Peace is not quieting the weaker groups or neglecting them, there needs to be unity. Sacrifices must be made in order for peace to be achieved. These sacrifices are definitely worth the final result of peaceful coexistence and just peace in general.