I believe everyone ave a Purpose in life

Maine - oakland, California
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that not only me, but everyone have a purpose in living. Some people in the world haven’t found their’s yet. Some people have. Your purpose can b being a firefighter, or a vet, a farther or mother, put no matter who you are, or what you do. You have a purpose.

When I was around 8 years old, I saved my little brother Devin life. He was walking on a red light and I bulled him away from a car that was a split second away from hitting him. I felt like a hero. And so I thought my purpose in life was to save people lives. So I started helping everyone out more. I became a new person and everyone started to look up to me. But as I got older, I new I couldn’t make everyone happy because I cant help everyone at once. And when I think about it, no one can.

When I turned 11, I was talking to my best friend Felipe. We use to be so close, and talk about all types of things. We use to always talk about are future. He says that he wanted to b a cop but a street racer like on the movie To Fast to Furious. I remembered the words he said “God made everyone for a reason”. And that why he want to be a cop. I also wanted to help people, but not in a dangerous way. So I believed in being a doctor will change the lives of the ones I care about. Family, friends, and others I don’t know. Just seeing the smile of my patient(s) will make me happy.

I am now 13 in the 9th grade, and now believe that I have more then one purpose in life. I still believe that being a doctor is on of my purposes in life, but I also believe that I might have more then one. Being a good brother, watching out for others, helping someone in need. All this is some of my purposes in my life, but sometimes I make mistakes. Everyone make mistakes, even adults, but with a little help, I believe anyone can become a better person, if they learn from there mistakes.

I believe that I will find my purpose in life. Far or wide, big or small, I will keep living my life helping others, saving others life’s, and being the best I can be. My purpose in life will be found on day, but I got to remember not to look too hard. The answer in life is always in front of us. Even when we lest suspect it.