On The Basis Of Love

Jennifer - Lampeter, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There is a love deeper than anyone can love. That is, until a certain time in our life calls for it. We are all entitled to it, yet we are not all given it. Everyone deserves this great love from the moment he/she is born. There is no exception. This is the love of our parents. The love they feel for us is the foundation for our attitude toward life and view of the world.

Parents have many ways of showing their love for us. We all have a love-language. This is the way we feel love. Our parents’ goal is to figure out which one is ours so that we feel loved. The five love languages are physical touch (hugs), words of affirmation (“Great job at the game today!”), quality time, gifts, and acts of service. Everyone has his/her own combination of two of these (give or take). When given/shown any of these, we feel loved the most. Moms and dads eventually know what language their children speak in order to make them feel completely loved. In return, the children should get to know their parents’ love- language to make them feel loved as well.

I have personally felt this love many times from the intelligent adults living with me. The people I call “Mom” and “Dad” have proved and shown to me that I am cared about every day and every second of my life. They have given me gifts and shown me affection. My parents spend quality time with me to show that they love my presence. They have also given me words of praise to prove they are proud of what I do. My life has been blessed with two parents who love each other and love me.

We have all heard it said, “The moment I held my child I knew I would never love anything or anyone more.” It’s the classic line all mothers give shortly after having a child. Although the father wasn’t capable of carrying the unborn for nine months, he says the same thing after they hold and gaze into a newborn’s eyes. The love they feel for that child never flickers.