moving on

Cheyenne - Clovis, California
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I beleive in moving on from the past. Too many people linger in thier past troubles and problems and don’t see the good memories they can create if they would just let go.

I grew up in a very broken and deprived home. I had a non-existent father and a drug addicted mother. My mother was never stable and we never lived in one place to long. She used her kids to hide her from jail. At first things were okay. She would make enough money to support her habit and still take care of my four sisters and me. That didn’t last long. She had lost her job and was in jeopardy of loseing our home. She started bringing more guys home and I knew they were no good for our family. They were physically, mentally and sexually abusive to my sisters and I, and the saddest part is that my mother looked away and pretended she didn’t see it so she could get her fix.

I relized that even at thirteen that I had to be the one to save my family. I knew this wasn’t safe and if it continued that it could possibly kill us, so I made one of the toughest decisions I had to make and took my family to a friends house where they called CPS to place us in safer homes. It was hard; they had to split us up when all our lives we only had eachother to depend on.

I thought I was never going to be able to forgive my mother for what she did to us. She had forced me to become an adult at such a young age that I never had the chance to be a normal kid. I never got to go to birthday parties or soccer games. I had to play mom. Not to mention I thought by her actions that she would have scarred my sisters for life.

A chance came up in our lives to get a new family. It was a hard decision for me; I had been waiting for my mom to clean up her act hoping that she would take us back. I knew that wasn’t realistic and for the sake of my sisters and my future I had to move on. It was one of the best choices I had made. We have a family that loves us and a good education. So, even if life is tough, I believe in moving on.