Kyle - West Linn, Oregon
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a senior in high school, I have been looking back on my life to discover my true passions in life and those trends that I did with the bandwagon, in order to figure out what lies in my future. Three months of sifting through the flashbacks of my life, I had few reoccurring themes of lifestyles, the most prominent being music. Every flashback I had was connected with music from either the time period that I would sing along to, or plunk out chords on the guitar, or music I had learned in years past.

Connecting the moments of my life with the emotions of the music, made everything feel so real again, as if I was back in my own past, reliving it. The next morning I set my sights on a degree in music, I felt everyone should be able to have the experience I had. I took up more responsibilities in my music classes, such as playing parts on the piano for sectionals. Mrs. F gave me the privilege of teaching the freshmen boys an entire piece by myself, she also trusts me enough to conduct in the final concert.

Since I started organized music classes late, I hadn’t learned few of the basics and bunch of the advanced theory. Along with learning the music for three school choirs, I have been teaching myself music theory.