Animals Have Feelings and Are Humans Too

Renee - Panama City Beach, Florida
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever thought that an animal can get their feelings hurt just like humans? I believe that all animals are just like humans. This includes anything from feelings to suffering with pain. Wild, tamed, or even a house pet, an animal has feelings all the same. It really isn’t hard to hurt an animal’s feelings. I have owned almost 20 cats and dogs. So this has helped me prove what I believe.

When I was little, I used to own a husky who acted like a wolf. Bucket (that is what we called him) had to stay tied up in my grandfathers’ yard next to the burning barrel. I know that he was miserable; because every time I tried to pet him he wanted to bite me. The same thing happened when I tried to play with him. We found the main reason for Buckets’ misery; it was because he was extremely ill. My grandfather had to shot him when my mom, dad, sister and I left.

All animals are the same. If they are sick they’re act miserable just like humans. Even if a female animal gets pregnant; she eats about the same as a pregnant human, if not more. I had a cat that was an inside/outside cat. She got pregnant without me or my family knowing. I didn’t know she got pregnant until she brought her tiny kitten down to the basement and onto my bed. Another example is when my cat Connie got pregnant. She had gotten outside of the trailer and when we got her back inside we found that she was fatter than normal. She was in a lot of pain those weeks that she was pregnant. Of course, when she had her five kittens she wasn’t in pain anymore.

It’s the same with cats and dogs when it comes to having feelings. If the animal is caged then he/she is probably sad. This can make an animal run away. For example, my sister had a Labrador puppy that ran away, because she didn’t play with him. He also ran away because he was put in a cage outside.

Take zoo animals rather than house pets. Zoo animals happen to get their feelings hurt more, because they are caged. Very few of them get open space. Even if they get the space, they also get trenches to keep them in. This can hurt the zoo animals’ feelings, because they don’t get the freedom they deserve.

Besides from animals and their feelings, I believe that any animal can suffer from different types of pain just like a human. One of the reasons I believe this is because of my cat Orangey. My family, and what I mean by family I mean my mom, can tell when he is in pain because he looks likes he about to throw up. Just recently he got over a bladder problem. He was in pain from that, because he bled a lot when he peed. The problem stopped, but we can tell he is still in a lot of pain.

I had another cat his name was Clyde and he was in great pain for about a week, because he jumped down from my shoulder, when I was standing up, and broke his leg. He started meowing really loud. When I called my mom from next door, she came over and tried to snap his leg limb back to his thigh. I know Clyde was in a lot of pain, because of his meows.

So as you can see animals are very much like humans when it comes to certain things. This is just one of the many things I believe in. You don’t even have to agree. This is just my belief, my opinion. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions on animals being like humans with feelings and sufferings with pain.