A New World

Stephanie - Lampeter, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a new world. It is a free and selfless world which cannot be shaken. A world like this sounds perfect, but I dream of a world still consisting of many mistakes. However, there is one major difference between the world we live in and that world. In this world, learning from one’s own mistakes is cliché and lacking. The world I dream of still has flaws, but positive entities always come from them. Its members are completely serving Christ in every way possible. Every knee is bowing for Him. The singers sing for Jesus. The ballerinas dance for Jesus. The sprinters run for Jesus. The authors write for Jesus. The artists paint for Jesus. No evil exists in this world.

In middle school, I went to Philadelphia with my youth group. We were visiting a church for a day, and I saw a sight that would remain in my mind for years to come: a homeless man begging on the streets. The vision is still clear to me. He was wearing very dirty clothes, lying on the ground hopelessly. I can’t imagine life without a home. I believe this world will someday become a place where everyone is welcome in any home, and every person has a home. This man may have made some mistakes, but forgiveness and compassion are two crucial factors in my new world. To me, there is nothing more compelling than to experience love in the same way that Jesus Christ loves every human being. Some Christians come off pushy and hypocritical. In this new world, these characteristics just do not exist. Again, I still want mistakes in this new world. Every person will be a servant of God. If this happens, there will be no poverty because serving God means serving other people as well.

I am currently reading The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. To be honest, this man is incredible. His book is about his life stories, experiences, and his constant struggle to serve God. To name a few, he has slept in a box beside a homeless person, saved hundreds of homeless people from being evicted from a run-down church, and cared for the sick and dying with Mother Teresa. Reading about Claiborne’s selfless and servant lifestyle forces me towards seeing the world I believe. However, this does not mean the new world is getting closer, or arriving any sooner. A new world can only come with desire and true compassion.

I believe in a new world where no individual is judged, but listened to and understood, because everyone created by God deserves that chance. In my life, I see Christ working within others. I see Him in people I read about, like Shane Claiborne, as well as people I live with, like my own mother. I also see Him in small children, inspiring grown men to act childish and carefree. I believe in a world where Jesus is seen in every individual. I believe in a new world.