2008 Election

Madeline - Lampeter, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

believe that our country is approaching a time of change.

Looking back at the history of our country, when we get stuck in rough times, we always had a strong leader to lead us out of the struggle. George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy are all good examples of this type of leader. Kennedy was an inspiration to a whole new generation of voters, which made it much more devastating when he was assassinated. I believe that Barack Obama is the right person at this time, to lead the United States. Times here are only going to get worse if we allow another person like George Bush to enter the White House. Obama, who shares many similarities with Kennedy, inspires young people to get involved with politics and the electoral process. Our country has so many problems right now with the war in Iraq, our health care system, and the horrific recession that is swiftly approaching. Since Bush has been president of the U.S., things have gotten much worse for the average person. I believe that a person like Obama is what we need to pull our country out of this problem. He just paid off his college loans, and can relate to people’s financial problems better than any of the other aristocratic candidates. Neither Hillary Clinton nor John McCain can claim to have experienced the life living on the lower end of the financial spectrum. They preach about being able to relate to the average person and have his or her best needs in mind, but in truth, neither of them was ever anything near average. Hillary Clinton and her husband will be collecting the pensions from serving as governor of Arkansas, Hillary’s terms as a Senator, and Bill Clinton’s presidency. The entire family is filthy rich. Obama is a more appealing to a person that wants a president that can genuinely sympathize with common issues. Of all the candidates, I think that Obama has had to overcome the most struggles to get where he is because of his race. He has demonstrated that he is determined and will preserver despite if others constantly attempt to bring him down. That is why when the time comes to vote in November, I will vote for Barack Obama.