Best Friends

James - West Wareham, Massachusetts
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in best friends. I believe every secret should be concealed in one ear, and never touch the keeper’s lips and every tear should be shed on one single shoulder. I believe everyone deserves a best friend, or more than just one, many. I feel that my two best friends are the best anyone could ever ask for. A best friend is someone you confide in, laugh too hard with, stay up late with, and even cry with. A best friend is not just anyone, they’re special. They have a way of making even the greyest of days beautiful. I believe in best friends for a deeper reason see, I believe in love.

Having a best friend is like having a sibling, or an addition sibling to hang around with. After a while you begin to become one in the same as a person. You’d think that after years of arguing over who’s smarter, more athletic, more popular, or better looking, you’d grow to despise your bestie, but that just doesn‘t seem possible. You become so engrossed in a bond of friendship that nothing else matters. You love them. Over time, you develop a sense of understanding of your best friend that no one else can fathom. But what happens when you’ve just had enough?

For a while now, Heather and myself have been tighter than a pair of jeans two sizes two small. We did everything together; shopped, ate, cooked, cleaned, virtually everything. Everyday was spent with just the two of us doing something, anything to pass the time; it didn’t matter as long as we were together. But one day, we got into a fight and didn’t talk for almost three days. I dreamt of the day I would have peace and quiet. No Heather. But that day came and all I could do was pray for a single word to serenade from her lips and caress my ears as to sooth my soul. We couldn’t stay mad at each other, we were each others other half’s, we completed each other.

It wasn’t so much the fact that we shared a common friendship that drew us to each other, but it was something else we shared; we both loved each other. Being a part f this amazing thing we call friendship has given me something to look forward to each day. It has made me feel like I have a purpose and I’m happy to fulfill it for Heather! Everyday I look back at all the times my flaws and my bad habits displayed themselves for all to see, and I can’t help but smile knowing Heather loves me for all of those bad things, and that’s what makes me realize that without a best friend, our lives would contain a large void that would need to be filled. Every time I look back at all the good, the bad, and the ugly that I’ve been through, I am reminded of the one person who was always beside me. Therefore, I believe in best friends.