I Believe

Mariah - Windsor, California
Entered on May 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There is no doubt in my mind that the past two years sitting in that class for what it seems like days, writing until my wrist nearly falls off, and thinking harder than usual, that it was all worth it. Despite all of the negative comments that are spread in regards to Mr. R, I believe that I have finally come to terms with Mr. R’s intentions and I have to admit that I am thankful for the experience I have received in his class. I have been educated far more than I could have asked for, learned about myself as a student, and even gained useful skills for the future.

I can still remember the day I got my transcript and the first time I ever stepped foot in his classroom. As intimidated as could be, I had no idea in mind what to expect. All of the sophomores that were already in our core, trying to scare the freshman on how challenging his class would come to be. Saying everyday we would be giving panel presentations and everyday would be filled with pages and pages of notes. It turned out to be completely true, they were actually making an understatement.

There even came a time where we wrote more essays in one week than we had for our English class that entire year. The work load was tremendous and never ending, the tests a whole other story. However, now with my second year in Mr. R’s class I have come to realize his intentions. As hard as he may have attempted at scaring off those who could not handle his class, everyone got past the complaints and simply did what was asked. Each day something new was taught through slide lectures. Each day I would sit in the same seat trying to absorb all the information that I was being presented with. Each day looking forward to the last day in that class.

Now my sophomore year is coming to an end, and my final class is just a week away. Being in a class that compares to no other has greatly influenced me as not only a student, but more importantly a person. I have become aware of the past along with present day issues. This new sense of awareness allows me to have the power to determine how my generation will live.

All of the nights procrastinating and staying up have actually come to pay off. I feel as prepared as can be, yet ready to learn so much more. I have advanced in my knowledge of world history, global studies, and even as a writer. My critical thinking skills have improved and I have become prone to always thinking about what is important in any situation, all thanks to the famous “So What Conclusions.” Mr. R proved unpredictable from the start, which made it all the better in the end.