Always leave a tip

Kassandra - 32003, Florida
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In an instant, a person’s life or even lives can change. As a young child that instant came when I was nine years old. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes and celiac disease. However, as my life was being drastically altered, my family’s life was as well.

As my mom was spending long hours at night college my medical bills were adding to be an immense expense. My father was stationed in the Navy but his monthly bill could not grasp all the house expenditures and my medical needs. So my father acquired a part time job at a local restaurant. As my father diligently worked, his minimum wage could not cover my burdened expense my disease had cost my family. Conversely generous tips helped our family persevere through the ruthless years and the complex years ahead. So my advice to you is, even if you leave just a dollar bill, its part of someone’s dream you’ve helped fulfill. The generous tips my father received had helped my father’s dream to provide for my family’s desperate needs.

Tips can change lives. One woman who was brought up destitute, and was struggling on eighteen hour shifts to pay for her college book expenses. One day a young customer struck a conversation with the young waitress and discovered that this waitress’s difficult struggle for education was found in that restaurant. The young waitress had received scholarships, but it did not seem to cover all college expenses. After the customer left the young waitress found a one thousand dollar tip, which stated good luck with college! This waitress was no longer destitute and could further her education. This tip changed this women’s life ceaselessly.

No matter what amount, it could add up to change someone’s life. It can assist them in many ways, hard to pay bills or to further their future. I believe that you should always leave a tip; it is an important asset towards society. Make a difference, leave a tip, it could change a life.

Even if you leave just a dollar bill, it’s part of someone’s dream you’ve helped fulfill.