One Change

Callie - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

When I get up every morning, I take a shower, eat breakfast, and then brush my teeth. My routine helps me stay focused and gives me a sense of comfort, knowing what I need to do next. But what if your life changed.

My life changed about three months ago when my boyfriend of three years dumped me. I thought he was a great guy, it seemed like he always treated me right; but when he dumped me, he changed and I changed. He became angry with me, and had nothing nice to say; yet he was the one who broke up with me. Eventually I just started ignoring him instead of trying to fix our friendship that had built up over the years. My life felt like it was steadily falling deeper into a dark hole. I always hung out with him after school and then I would do my homework, go to soccer practice or lacrosse practice, then eat dinner and call him, then go to bed. My life was so perfect and everyday was the same perfect thing all over again. After he broke up with me, after school I would just lay on the couch feeling like a lost puppy. My routine had changed and it looked like it was for the worst; but then I accidentally ran into a new friend.

I was looking for my friend on myspace, and I accidentally added a different guy with the same name. It turns out we went to Junior High school together and we eventually started talking. A month later we decided to get together and hang out for the first time- little did I know this would change my life for the better.

Before, my routine was always the same and all I did was the stuff I had to do in order to get through the day and go onto the next. This new guy made me realize that everyday, every minute, and every second is time taken from life, so each second needs to be filled with as much joy and happiness as you can get. If life is going bad, you can’t sit around and wait for it to get better, you have to surround yourself with good things by changing something in your life.

One change will brighten your day. Instead of watching a movie, I go play laser tag. It gets me active and the thrill you get up your spine makes you feel you have accomplished something great.

By changing my routine I have become a better person. My family says that they notice a difference in my behavior and my moods. One person can make a world of difference. I believe in this saying, as you can see from my story, this new guy has made a difference in me and I have recovered from a depression that could have consumed the rest of my life, but as an alternative, I am having the time of life.