The Most Important Lesson My Teacher Taught Me

Elizabeth - 16823, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sometime between my first day of high school and today, my World Cultures teacher, Mrs. Nastase, became the woman who I have grown to respect most, for she has taught me more about the world, on going issues, and how we each can take small steps to make our world a better place. The life lessons I learned during my World Cultures class are far greater than all of those I learned in any of my later years of schooling. Through her warmth, generosity, love, courage, and joy, Mrs. Nastase helped me to understand my part in helping others. She taught me how to trust myself, how to go for my goals, and that I should always live in the present.

Mrs. Nastase once told me, “A traveler, who knows where he is heading, can walk forward purposefully and in this way he can slowly come closer to his destination. The fact that he has a goal to aim for gives meaning to his journey. A person who does not have a future purpose can be compared to a traveler who does not know where he is going. Therefore it is only by setting goals in the future that one’s life can have meaning.”

During my last few years of high school, my understanding of this knowledge has proved to be especially helpful. By setting goals for myself I have been able to become an independent person and have taken more responsibility over my actions. One desire that I wish to achieve during my next few years is my goal of becoming an orthodontist.

In the past few years I have come to realize that we are the cause of our own affects, the means of our own ends, and the masters of our own fate. I now know that that life is only meaningful if one has a purpose to strive for. Therefore I am determined to work as hard as I can to achieve my goal of being accepted to the University of Pittsburgh and Pitt’s Dental School of Medicine. I anticipate the day when I will find success and eventually make a name and place for myself in our society.