Next Year?

Trevor - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a Cubs fan I always believe there is a next year.

But for some of your grandparents or even great-grandparents there might not be a next year, and those memories of great wars and the Great Depression might not last long enough for your grandchildren to hear.

My great-grandpa who is 94 years old is great to talk with he can just go on and on about his life. He has told me stories of many things for example the story of the depression and other things but, I never recorded it so the next time I talk to him I will tape record or video tape him in the act of telling these stories. Now the clock is running short as every year passes. With the thought there mat not be a next year.

Now the WWII veteran population gets thinner ands thinner we have no reference of probably the most talked about war of all time and if we loose those memories they will be gone forever. Because every year the WWII veteran population becomes very scarce and we need to keep those memories alive, because there may not be a next year.

As the wise men of past times are not here we need to remember the great things they gave us, but the wise men of the past who are still with us we need to document there sayings for those men gave us great things for example Jimmy Carter a past president, whom is in his last few years, showed us no matter how old or young you can still make a difference he did that by building homes in Africa when he was in his mid- 70’s. We need to remember his doings and tell our grandchildren that you can make a difference. Because for the wise men of the past there may not be a next year.