the right way to immigrate

Alyhed - Indio, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many people might think that illegal immigrants do not have the right to live in America, while I believe otherwise. While some illegal immigrants do not deserve to be here, there are many others that have every right to become someone in America. I’m not saying I think they should stay illegal, use welfare, and all that other cramp they blame them for. I just think they should be given the chance to become someone in this country. Americans would stop treating illegals the way they treat them if government would just back off and let all the eligible immigrants become citizens.

When I say eligible I’m talking about: clean record, ability to work, ability to grow and ability to be an American. You do not know how many Residents I know that do not speak a word of English, do not work, and could careless about what America is going through. Those residents shouldn’t be allowed to even become residents. No wonder Americans do not approve of immigrants. But as many of those kinds of residents I know. I know three or four times more immigrants that are hard working good civilians. They pay their bills, they go to school, and they even speak about political issues at dinner.

My family is one of those residents that deserved the right to call America our home. For example, my mother works as a Medical Assistant/phlebotomist in a near by hospital. She doesn’t stop there; she also has a second job at a restaurant as a waitress. And on her days of she goes to school at a near by community college. My sister also a medical Assistant/phlebotomist who works in the same hospital, and on her time off goes to college. And me, I am a senior in Palm Desert High School. I have a GPA of 3.2 and after school I work at a Windsor (women’s Fashions). To me that does not sound like the American dream. But we’re not far from it. We have been residents of this country for less than three years and look at all that my family has accomplished in that short amount of time.

So why shouldn’t other families like mine have the chance to progress. If you haven’t already heard America makes big bank when it comes to legalization. My family itself made the government, fifteen thousand dollars just to receive our residency. Imagine how much money America can make all the eligible immigrants go for their residency. How many more nurses and construction works would this economy have? I know if I was still illegal I would want the chance to succeed. I mean who wouldn’t want to be called an American citizen.