Spoiled Children In America

Laura - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

The ignorance of parents these days is appalling. Parents are too worried about their own selfish needs instead of caring for their children. They leave their children on their own because they believe that like them, their children will be able to overcome life circumstances and independence on their own Children today are not taught discipline, respect, responsibility, and the meaning and value of things in their life. For example the comfort and security of their home and what the parents go through to give them clothes and food on the table. Children get everything they want just so they would stop crying or whining. I believe that spoiled children are affected in the future when it is time to enter the real world because it will be harder for them to understand that they have to work for what they want.

In addition children seem to be growing faster than before, there is some children who at the age of five or six already have cell phones, and not just regular cell phones to get a hold of their parents incase of emergencies but four hundred dollar cell phones, such as Sidekicks, iPhones and The Voyager. Children see this entire influential media on the television and online and want to be just like all those teenagers with the perfect bodies, the right clothes and a lot of money. What they do not see is that not every child is lucky enough to end up just like the kids on T.V. Is this really what parents want or are they just morons?

Drugs! So many children these days are involved in some type of drug. Children are not only drinking and smoking weed with their friends but there is actual children who get it from their parents. How irresponsible is that? I know for sure this has always happened but more and more parents are letting their children get involved in drugs, which may affect the rest of their lives. When children are under the influence it is when they make the worst of choices, which may sometimes cause a major change towards themselves and family.

Sex! Yeah I have heard it is great and fucking amazing but is it really that necessary. I mean they are only twelve or thirteen there has to be something else out there they can do like a hobby or a sport, play with cars or Barbie dolls. There is no reason for them to do that, all they do is end up pregnant (I mean the girls) and ruining the rest of their lives because sometimes the boy is not willing to take care of the baby. Many girls who end up pregnant get kicked out of their house and end up moving from house to house or homeless. Not only does the absence of the parents affect the lives of their children but also the lives of others.