True Leaders

Shelby - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I walk through my current school and all I see is the same type of people I could see at any other school; the popular, timid, rich, poor, and so on. The people in individual schools are so similar. Some even look alike. The schools are the same with an exception; the general population of each school is different. Only a few people stand away from the crowd and these are the people I believe to be future leaders.

I have been to schools in four different areas. In each I have noticed the same cliques. Everyone follows each other, except for a few. I am not talking about the people who are noticeably different because those people are not at all different; they too strive for attention. The people I am talking about are the ones who watch the rest of the population fight each other. They give their advice and try to lead others away from the immaturity and sometimes are successful, but the pressure of fitting in overpowers many.

I have experienced the gossipy, the bullying, the mellow, and the tough school, but they still have the same types of people. I noticed that in each school I attended the students have picked a behavior and clung to it. The majority follows so it is very hard to break the behavior because of the large population. The true leaders, however, fight this. They do what they can to show people there is no use of these immature behaviors and try to influence the population to do better for themselves and their fellow peers. They don’t strive for attention so there really is not a lot of drama involved and they are not usually recognized for their actions.

I have tried on the shoes of a leader and tried to motivate people with simple ideas. I gave them my opinions and tried to help them view their lives at different angles so they could find the best possible answer to their issues. Many did not get anything from me, but some wrote me notes thanking me for my help through hard times. The feeling I got from helping them inspired me to continue. I try to show my friends that the behavior of our school shows how ignorant we are to the world around us. We cannot move forward if we follow everyone else’s behavior.

The students who follow now will most likely continue to follow and believe what they are told. They do not question anything. The students that try to help and show others that they should follow their own beliefs and break away from the mass of followers will continue to lead throughout their life. They may not be recognized for their actions, but they will still continue to do what they can to help others. I believe that the few students that lead and follow their own beat at school will be our future leaders.