Grandfather’s Love

Maria Estefany - Santa Rosa, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe in my grandfather’s love. For a relationship to succeed, patience and love are essential. With love, there can be a better understanding of each others’ individual feelings. My grandparents, Magdaleno and Catalina, have the greatest relationship. With my grandfather’s ability to calm my grandmother and his emotional capacity, he’s the ideal example of love in my life.

Some years back while we were playing my grandfather’s favorite card game, “Con-Quian,” we talked about the 50th anniversary wedding party that we were planning for them. My grandfather began remembering the past and told me how his brother-in-law suggested that “After some time of marriage the love that I have had for your grandmother would not be the same. Y todavía yo sigo esperando por ese día. (I am still waiting for that day.)”

In the same manner, it is difficult to find my grandfather bragging about or demonstrating his devotion to his wife, Catalina. Their passion is beneath the surface. He does not care what people around him think, and he has not care to let them know about his sentiment. He does not need public displays of affection to let his wife know that he loves her. My grandparents try to keep everything between them private. Even as a child, my mother recognized their secrecy. “Nunca yo escuché a mi pa que le respondiera a mi ma. (I never heard my dad argue back to my mom.)” It is not difficult to distinguish the respect and love that my grandfather has for my grandmother. Ignoring the yelling and bitter words is a difficult task, yet he manages to speak to his wife with calm, soothing words. This is one of the reasons why they have been able to stick together for so long.

In addition, with such love for his wife, my grandfather has taught his children to do the same. All three sons have been taught to spoil their mother and through the example of their father, they have done the same with their wives. My grandfather taught his seven daughters in the same manner; he expects his children to know that they need to respect, love, and appreciate their wives or husbands so that their love can overcome any obstacle.

I love my grandfather, and out of twenty-eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, he says that I am his consentida-cherished one. My grandfather has told me that the only manner we are truly valued is by the approach we have towards love. The way that he loves my grandmother is the fashion I want to love. This is what I believe, I believe in my grandfather’s love.