I believe in Possibilities

Brittany - La Quinta, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe In Optimism

I believe in optimistic self-definition. Although living in a destructive world, the necessity to be positive has not been destroyed. The way the world perceives you can affect the way you perceive yourself in the world. I believe that it is imperative to set yourself up for success by starting with a positive mindset. In everything that is accomplished be proud and diligent, letting no negative overturn the outcome. I believe that everyone has the need to be enthusiastic and motivated for experience and realize they have a gift and a purpose in the world.

It is important to know who you are and where you stand. High school is not exactly the easiest stage in life. In order for me to survive I had to define myself and know my core values. Seeing other students get drunk and high has helped me refrain from such things and become the moralistic person I am.

I believe in character. Passionate character. Positive character. Defined character. Inspiration stems from emotion. Positive emotion leads to devoted encouragement. When my cousin was younger, she had no parental support. My family took her in, raised her, encouraged her, motivated her, and inspired her to be great. She is currently in the top of her high school class with intentions to attend University of California, Berkeley. If successful outcomes are being considered, I believe you need to begin with an optimistic disposition.

I believe in being your own inspiration. If others try to bring you down, it is your duty to enforce optimism. Determination is extremely important in life and I believe it is necessary to devote yourself to stay positive. In an unfavorable situation, a positive attitude will help make the situation conquerable. Self confidence creates an embodiment of superiority. Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Taking pride in one’s self will promote the image portrayed to others and help you to gain courage. Courage is purposeful in defining a person. I believe that if you trust yourself to become successful then you will gain the necessary confidence and motivation to become a prosperous individual.

The attitude a person has can not be a result of the world’s perspective. Television is promoting eating disorders and bad habits for young children. I believe the world needs to work more on the upbringing of people rather than trying to create a so called “perfect world.” I propose that people should forget the negative influences in their lives, define who they are, and figure out their morals. This will keep our world away from the negatives.

In order to figure out the purpose of life, we first need to figure out our ethical qualities. Defining one’s self is crucial in the development of an individual. I believe that by doing so, we gain motivation, confidence, inspiration, courage and most importantly appreciation of one’s self.