I Believe in One

Laura - oceanside, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

How can one person make a difference, and how do we know when we have made a difference? A question such as this is something most humans struggle with. Whether we have made difference in this world is how most of us judge the success of our lives. Have we helped someone besides ourselves in this lifetime? Are we capable of changing the course of history? And will our life decisions and events affect others for years to come? It is within human nature to want to be remembered for the difference we make on people and humanity itself. But will we? And who will?

Know matter how many times I am told and no matter how much I am discouraged I have always believed in the difference of one person. Understanding that one person can change a lifetime of events to come as well as how one person can simply change a life. I believe that it is in the power of every individual to be able to create change, because it only ever takes one person to think of a new idea, ask a different question, or wonder why things could be different. As countless individuals in history have made a difference I am more than convinced by the idea of one person. How only one is needed to make change and ultimately rearrange the things that you and I might never question.

I believe in taking the effort to actually create significant change and make a difference in this world, which is what separates most people—and those who have and are able change history and people’s perspectives. A man like Cesar Chavez was capable of doing so. Cesar Chavez was one individual who stood up for what he believed in, established lasting change for progress, and inspired others to do the same. By standing up for what he believed in, one was able to show others that settling for less is never an option and that everyone has power.

I believe in one person because the power one can be just as good as the power of many. To spark change is the demonstration of the power of one, and the ability of one person to inspire others that things can be different. We have also seen from one like Dr. King that one person’s change can last for generations and help millions of more individuals to make their own kind of difference. When one campaigns for their beliefs we have seen that not many can turn away and ignore a voice taunting for change. One being heard can help to improve the lives of thousands. As one can go on to help another one, and that one can encourage another one, and that one can go out to inspire just one more, and as it goes on and so forth we feel and see the affect of one.

I believe in one, because one is able to make a difference not just in one instance or in one person’s life, but for millions of people and for years to come. The difference that one can make is sometimes changing how people carry themselves, acknowledging that anything is possible no matter what the circumstances.

I believe in standing up for what I believe in and being able to make pivotal changes to this world, at this time. It almost always seems improbable to think that one can make a change, how one person can truly a difference. But isn’t it most often the difference of millions spoken through the mouth of one, heard through the ears of two, and seen by the eyes of many where change is found? You might think that two is better than one, but who says that one can’t be just as good as two or thousands maybe. I believe that there will only ever need to be one to make a difference, though I do recognize that we will always have more than one. So let us all be that one.