Ibrahim - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that friendship is one of the strongest things you can have in your life. Friendship is a bond between two people or a group of people that can change a life. There are a lot of obstacles that come at you, and without someone to help you out it’s a lot harder to deal with then if you had a friend with you to share the burden. I realize this because I’ve had to deal with it first-hand several times.

Not too long ago my parents engaged into a scuffle. I never really saw it as a huge deal, because they fight quite a bit. It never seems as something important, or too extreme. My father works countless hours, and is never really around with me. With this fight between my parents, things inside the house became ill at ease. Outside the house my strong bonds with certain friends helped me out in this situation. They gave me someone to converse with and they were an escape from the rough. A great example would be my next-door neighbor, who I’ve known and loved for many years. She helps me, and she makes my mind relax. This is a big reason, why I believe that friendship can help you through the hardest and toughest times.

It can also go both ways. I have friends who have gone through some rough patches in their life. I also comprehend that I should be there to help them out in times when, because they would do the same. One of my best friends got sent away about a year ago, and no one has gotten a hold of him since. I know he hasn’t changed, and I’m still waiting for the day he calls back. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I wrote a letter just a week ago mentioning how I’ve been doing and how our other friends have been. I told him that he’d get through it and we would all be waiting for his arrival. It may seem corny, but it’s how we feel and I know that would excite him knowing that we still do care about him. While he’s there, he’ll think of his friends who took the time to write to him.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned several things. Twelve years of school have

gone by, and if there’s any lesson learned its friendship. There’s no limit to the power of one’s friendship. People seem to stick it through when they are comforted with their buddy. If you were stuck in a situation and you could have only one person with you, you would choose your closest friend that you trust in. Whether helping out a friend, being there in a time of need, it’s always certain that friendship is a need.