Precios thinking

Timmothy - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I grew up as a child I have been taught many things and brought up a certain way. These lessons have helped shape my life and how I make decisions in my numerous experiences. But through life I have learned many things on my own, deciding on important ideas when the time came and being able to discern from my individual mind.


I have grown up with the idea that my choices influence my life, and the consequences of these decisions are solely mine to bear. I have always thought that I can think for myself. At a young age and my parents gave room for me to make my decisions and trusting that I can do the right thing. This freedom started me off to a good life with a basis that I should think for myself.

Parents always suggest that they have the smartest children, who are able to think clearly and make decisions. The real question is though, when do the let them decide for themselves?

When they graduate from high school?

When they get a job?

When they don’t talk to their parents anymore?

Or when they die and their parents regret not giving their children the liberty they desired?

I believe that No matter the age of a child they should receive room to think, parents should trust their decisions within the realm of their ability. Along with these choices comes along two conclusions the consequences should solely be given to the children, but if they choose correctly they should reap all the rewards of their good choices.

I am still young, I’m only seventeen but I believe that ever since the age of fourteen I have been able to make decisions on my own. Our society sadly tries to exclude the youth from decision making but this is completely opposite from the ideal situation. This world is going to be left behind for these young thinkers and the earlier they are brought up to think on their own, the world be that much better.

If given the liberty children will learn how to think quickly. My parents always guided me but if I was stubborn I had to learn for myself. Something’s I had to learn the hard way that is all part of life. I got into fights and I talked back and when I know I got in trouble it was no longer worth it but the good choices I made brought me rewards such as verbal or even certificate awards, children will learn very quickly which they like better.

If you give kids room to breath they will be free to think solely from their minds and adapt to the open world. They will be able to find a job, do their studies and focus, and understand more clearly the consequences of their decisions. How can a society function without the brain, people have to question and think things for themselves and decide their path for life.