Poetry in Motion

Evelyn - Mableton, Georgia
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Sometimes we find things when we least expect them. That’s what happened

to me. “Seek and ye shall find,” that’s what the ‘good book’ says. I was not

looking for this particular ‘thing’ that I found. Let me explain.

I am a published writer and poet, with poetry being my first love.

I have poetry on the brain. I wake up thinking about it and it is the last thing

I think about before I retire at night. In my spare time, which I am having

less and less of these days, I surf the online poetry sites.

As I was surfing the poetry websites, I came across a poem that touched my

heart and soul. I wrote the author and expressed how I felt about the poem.

The way the author spelled their name, I was looking forward to a female poet’s reply.

When I received the reply, I was a bit surprised, if not shocked to find out it was a male.

I figured this poem was just a fluke, so I went over to the site to read more of his work.

I enjoyed reading his work. I will call my friend, LB. Although, our backgrounds are

different, racially, socially and spiritually, we get along fine, NOW. We did not get along

at all, in the beginning. You see, LB, is a recovering cocaine addict. There were times

when I thought it was not worth it to keep writing him, but I continued to write him and

he would always answer right back. I had let him know I had just finished reading the

entire Bible. He was impressed but, at the same time, a little cynical about me believing

everything I read. He also told me about his wife’s views on people that were not,

‘White.’ She felt that anyone who was of a different color was inferior.

I had to let him know right then that the woman he was writing, was smart and Black!

He was a bit surprised, but not daunted in the least.

LB’s father passed away during our correspondence. His dad had been confined to a

wheelchair, and LB chose to take care of him. I always told LB to tell his father how

much he loved him. LB now finds more time to ride his motorcycle. Yes, he is a biker.

Our friendship has truly grown since it started over six years ago.

LB, respects me as a woman, poet and friend. My favorite poem is by, Maya Angelou

entitled, ‘Phenomenal Woman.’ This is what he thinks I am. I think he is a, ‘Phenomenal

Man.’ I will have to get LB’s consent to have this story published so if you are

reading this story you know he gave me permission to have it published.

LB, may be a recovering cocaine addict, but he is also my, ‘addiction.’