I believe in laziness

Kiet - Cohutta, Georgia
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in laziness. I never realized or even envisioned that it could have such an impact on my life. It made me an all-around more spirited person, caused me to take things one step at a time, and conveyed to me that it is acceptable to not care. So, I believe in how laziness changed the way I live my life

You must be thinking, “How can laziness possibly make one more spirited?” Well, laziness changed me in a way I never expected by taking away the worries of school, home and the occasional work. All throughout my educational years I would strive to get straight A’s as many students do. Then, on day I realized that if I do too much then a great deal would be expected of me in the future. So, through this I figured that I should just do the best that I can a no more.

It has also, as if it were the father of time, slowed down time for me. Twenty-four hours a day used to be not enough time for me. This is due to the fact that there was all the cleaning around the house that has to be done, the studying for all those exams, and the work in the factory that I dreaded. When I finally learned that I just could not get everything done, I stopped trying and did what I had time to do. This made it seem as though I was getting back all those hours that seemed stripped from me.

What laziness did most for me was to take away my stress. I, at one point in my life, was stressed out all of the time worrying about school, home, and work all at the same time. It made me feel as though my head was about to explode. So, I made a choice just to let go and take things as they come without regret or remorse.

Being lazy is the easiest thing to do, literally, because it basically means a person does not have to do anything. I am not saying laziness is a good thing if taken too far, but on occasion it can be just the ticket one needs. Laziness is just a part of life and can sometimes be an in escapable urge. This is why I believe in laziness.