The Power of One Event

Amanda - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. Now that it’s getting closer and closer to graduation, I’m constantly looking back at the past four years and trying to remember all the people that I’ve met, classes I have taken, mistakes that I’ve made, and events that have forever changed my life. The day I auditioned for Color Guard in 8th grade was the day that changed, not only my entire high school career, but also my entire life. If that day had never happened, I would’ve missed out on experiences that have made my years in high school worth remembering. I believe in the power that one event, no matter how big or small, can alter the entirety of our lives forever.

Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I wouldn’t have joined Color Guard. I know that I would have taken different classes, but would I have had different friends too? Would I have become a cheerleader or volleyball player or Senior Class President instead? And then I realize that I chose to go to Riverside Community College for the sole reason of that being where I wanted to march and being team that I wanted to be a part of. But if I would have never auditioned, I would’ve never chosen to go there, maybe I would’ve chosen a 4-year university instead.

Up until these last few months before graduation, it never occurred to me that not only did that one audition day change my life, but it changed my goals and dreams too. I put in a lot of hard work and many long hours of practice for Guard, and what I wanted more than anything was to go to World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. This year was the first time in 10 years our school went, and we ranked 42nd in the nation. But if I hadn’t auditioned that day in 8th grade, that wouldn’t have been my dream, and that wouldn’t have been my reality.

Some people say that the small things in life are not what count, that only the big things count. But those small things, those small events are the glue that holds our lives together. After all, that one 2-hour audition in 8th grade, turned out to be the highlight of my high school years, my biggest passion, and the first step to reaching my newly found goals. I believe in the power that one event, no matter how big or small, can alter the entirety of our lives forever.