Human Experience is Medicine to the Soul

Brisa - palm desert, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyone has a story. Their stories may be about a funny event in their life or they may tell of something they have had to overcome and struggle with. Either way, listening to peoples life stories is a form of medicine to the soul. They can help you through a tough time and help you gain the strength to go on or they can just make you smile when you are having an off day. This is what I Believe.

I have been blessed with a huge and supportive family. They are always there for me whenever I need them. This past year I met someone very special to me, she has really impacted my life and made me realize how lucky I really am. Her story is not one with a very happy ending. When she was little, her father left them and she was left alone with her mother and little sister. A couple of years later, her mother met a new man who eventually became her stepfather. It may seem like finally having a father-figure in the house would be a good thing, but that was just the opposite. He may seem nice, but he was an abusive person. She doesn’t trust people very well, and I don’t blame her, so when she finally told me about all of this I felt like I really need to be there for her because she has actually trusted me with her story, it made me feel better already because I felt that I was blessed with this friendship that was going to teach me so much about life.

I love her so much, she is like a sister to me . I got to know her siblings and they are a couple of the most amazing kids I have ever met. One of them has a learning disability, but it doesn’t seem stop him. He is one of the most caring little boys I have ever met and his story has taught me that us as humans are naturally a little prejudice towards the ones with disabilities and that we need to look beyond that and see who they truly are, not just the label that is put on them. Once you get to know these people a little more, you realize that they are some of the most amazing and inspirational people you will ever meet.

I will always be there for my friend and her siblings, their stories have made the greatest impact in my life thus far and I don’t think anything will ever beat it. They have truly made me a better person and have helped me realize that I am truly so lucky to have what I have. Even though I may not have everything that I would like, I cant really complain. I love my life and I wouldn’t ask for another. Just take the time and really listen to people when they talk because you might be the only person that will ever know their story. Treasure all of these stories and help them guide you in your life, and you will become very wise, im pretty sure of it.