love conquers all

ryan - palm desertc, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

America is dying, but I’m not scared. I have every reason to be afraid. There’re so many cops on the road I can’t take it! Every time I pull out of the driveway my whole ride is overcast by a blue and red flicker in the rear view mirror and the prospect of getting pulled over. It’s not my fault the economy is doing so poorly and you don’t have any right to take it out on me, America. I think it makes a mockery of the already shady United States judicial system, but I digress. You know why I’m so comfortable in a Chicken Little world filled to the brim with frivolous parking tickets and an ever interpretable conception of ‘probable cause’? It’s to do with a girl.

That’s right, a girl. No, not even a girl, I can be even more specific than that, I can elaborate on all the hope running through my veins by explaining to you a that single thing enlightened me to the truth I was so desperately searching for; the freckle on Giselle’s right cheek. Oh goodness, you’ve never seen a prettier freckle in the whole world; a small one right below the far corner of one of her sea blue eyes, perfectly positioned on her delicate face. Every time I see it I smile, at least on the inside. And then it hit me one day that the same brain which was normally preoccupied with worries about heaven and hell and petroleum and cancer would stop dead in its tracks every time it concentrated on it. It opened my mind to the possibility that perhaps I could get my thoughts to be completely positive at a single moment and that they could indeed be influenced by a real positive moment in the real positive world.

Of course once you get it, it all makes sense. Pieces to the puzzle come together and everything becomes clear. Questions about God and myself and the world all came to light, doing more with a little brown dot than years of Nietzsche or mountains of Jung. I don’t care about gas prices, or student loans anymore. Money sucks, burn it. I don’t need to worry about those things because life is really so much simpler than that.

I mean, of course it’s all a big, cheap, lazy metaphor, but this freckle truely does means something to me and it awakens my soul and helps me out of bed in the morning. It’s brought my grades up and I’m even cutting down on cigarettes and fast food. So I guess what I believe, as that old lovebird Virgil would said Omnia vincit Amor. Love conquers all, somehow, in a way which is more powerful than any war, any struggle, or any parking ticket.