Molly - Vista, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, setbacks

I believe in failure. I could say I believe in greatness, which I do, but without failure what is greatness? Failure is an aspect of life that makes us get up, brush ourselves off and try again. It teaches us that we are human, our faults and mistakes are our responsibilities as people. For 13 years I have gone to school believing an “F” is a failure. To many it may very well still be, but as of today it is not such a feared word anymore; it is an obstacle. So many of us just simply accept these failures and find a way around them instead of challenging them. Why do we let these defeats control our lives when really we have the power to choose what we could or should do with them? Why don’t we have the control? Do I fear I am going to fail in overcoming these failures, of course. But does my character and will for fighting for who I am become stronger, I believe so. It has given me courage to challenge myself to become a better person and student, and to take risks in relationships because of the past failures. It has made me jaded, kind and more open as each defeat or wound humbles and changes my view of my world and the world around me. There are so many things I have failed in, in these past 4 years alone, hundreds! But I think of situations and decisions I have made because of these failures and realize they have become a part of me. They’ve become study habits, confrontations, more hours at the gym and ultimately a stronger sense of self. Looking towards the next few years away from home and in a new city, I know I will fail. Failing has been a part of me growing up, discovering what I like and am productive in. It has also steered me away from paths that my natural abilities and traits are not suited too. And next year those strengths and weakness will push me to become an independent person who must rely on herself for greatness and failure. Yet knowing that does not scare me, on the contrary, it reminds me of my belief in human nature and the power of belief in change. Failure is an aspect of life that no one can escape, but today I am asking you to believe in failure whether in yourself or someone else. It tests us in belief that we can grow and change for the better and that we can overcome, it is a catalyst to our problems as well as our futures. I believe in failure, because without it the world and all its shortcomings would not challenge us, the youth of today, to change and become great.