I Believe That Bad Things Happen To Good People

Juliet - Rancho Mirage, California
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

When there is a car accident, it is natural to wonder who was involved in it. When a friend is diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly, it is natural to wonder why. In school, teachers educate children about the greatest people in history and then explain how they died; it is natural to wonder how. So, I am answering all of those questions by sharing my belief. I believe that bad things happen to good people.

The definition of a good person is; one who has made a positive impact on someone’s life. Therefore it could be a cousin, friend, aunt, celebrity, historical figure, or even a cartoon character. But even within any four-star rated movie the “good guy” always finishes last. I truly feel that good is constantly battling or has dealt with evil, in the form of sickness and violence. The most recent circumstances for me have been friends.

It seems like the two most optimistic and generous people I have known since seventh grade we the most unfortunate. They had been diagnosed with breast cancer within a few weeks of each other. Both of these women are mothers of daughters who are extremely motivated. These women have also been involved in philanthropy for the past six years. Through all of their giving back it has always made me question what have they received in return. But they had each other, and never gave up. These two women were blessed with the gift of life; some friends of mine were not. September 24, of 2007 three teenaged lives were taken. One of the passengers happened to be a friend of mine, and to this day nothing is certain about what had happened. This friend of mine was well known by a lot of people. This friend of mine was the definition of a “good person.” He will always be remembered but he is just one out of many good people who have been extremely unfortunate.

I believe that bad things happen to good people, but why? I wish I could find that definite answer on Google, or just look in the books of the greatest Albert Einstein. Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Kennedy’s, and even Benjamin Franklin’s assistant has excelled our knowledge about numerous subjects even though their lives were ended unexpected. For example, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., both strove for equality among the American people. My belief has led me to constantly keep in mind a quote that an inspirational government teacher says repeatedly, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”