Sports on T.V.

Jackie - University Place, Washington
Entered on May 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in T.V. Yes T.V. what parents might say as melting the brain but in my case that’s not true. When I was a young man I would watch the T.V. and learn about sports. With sports always coming into my brain I would always learn about history from who players were and contraversities through out the years. For example when I was 7 I learned about the Chaiago Blacksoxs and how they fixed the 1919 World Series, with that I information I proudly went up to my dad and told him what I learned. Then he asked the 8 players and I had no idea. Also it taught me how to read, because I would always read the bottom line to find out what was passing by and it worked. The final thing it taught me were the states. If a sporting team was there I would no the town and the state. For example the New York Mets, I know the Mets are in New York so they are in the state of New York. This is why I Believe that T.V. has not dumped down my brain but in fact has made it stronger.