I Believe No One is Equal

Carroll - palm desert/ca/92260, California
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

This I believe

I believe that no one is equal. People in the world today still judge others on how they look, speak, dress, their gender, and even the color of ones skin. Even though it says in the constitution that all men are created equal, no one seems to abide by this law. It’s just a fact that in today’s society that we as people are not going to see one another as equals.

For instance, during the time of war, when the draft was in effect only men were drafted, and if another draft were to occur men would still be the pick to go into the war. Even though women argue that they are equal to men and when presented with the opportunity of being drafted they refuse to step up and take the responsibility requested of them. In some cases men are not equal to women. Since men are not given the choice to decline the draft, and have to give up everything and serve their country while women can be a nurse or something to help that won’t require giving up their life.

There are also cases of race discrimination in the work places, schools, and in the general public. At work it may be more difficult for a black or Mexican person to get a job than a white person. In school a teacher may automatically assume that because a student is of a different race they will not do as good, or be as understanding as some one of their own race. As for the public it’s a common sight to see people’s attitudes towards people of a different race, when a black or Mexican walks into a store the manager or person in charge may think that because of their ethnicity they would more likely be prone to shoplifting than someone who is white.

The way people look and dress today also affect people’s opinion’s of others they don’t know. For example someone wearing baggy cloths may to some look like a trouble maker and to others may look like just another human being. People in schools also judge other kids on how they dress to see if they dress alike or if they are a person to talk to just by what they wear or if the person looks like they are not smart or dress lazy but to the person it is just dressing very comfortable.

People even judge the way others talk, if someone has a different accent or are speech impaired, they are sometimes made fun of. Some people think that if a person talks differently that they are poorly educated, or unable to comprehend or understand things.

It is unfortunate that people are treated unfairly due to the many aspects of life, however this is the world we live in today, so no one is created equal but I’m sure with effort we can work to make that statement into impossibility and say that everyone is equal, but with today’s society that may never be possible.