I believe in the importance of knowing how to swim

Didi - Oceanside, California
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the importance of knowing how to swim. Why? Because it can damn near save your life. The incident that made me believe so strongly in this was when I went on an end of the year field trip with my 7th grade class. We were going to Wild Rivers in Irvine and boy, I was more excited then Tom Cruise was jumping on my girl Oprah’s couch. When we got off the bus everybody ran like a wild herd of sheep being chased by a fox to the wave simulation. So me a little naïve African American headed in that direction. When I got into the water the waves started coming. 1st wave- cool, 2nd wave-righteous, man I was the equivalent of the black female Kelly Slater. So I decided to venture a little further into the water. 1st wave- problem. Folks it’s a problem called drowning. It usually occurs when in my case, your feet can’t touch the bottom of the pool. I tried helplessly for the next minute to save myself or at least to grab a hold of anything sturdy. I remember I tried to grab onto this little boy’s inflatable tube thing but he patted my hand away. I wasn’t trying to steal the damn thing, I was trying to hold onto it before the water stole my damn life. I thought to myself that if I die my spirit was gon haunt his ass. So as I was drowning, I was wondering, where the hell are these lifeguards and why were they pretending like they don’t see me drowning here. Not a second after those thoughts left my mind; I felt someone’s hands around my stomach lifting me towards the surface. I thought “God, is that you?!” But no, it wasn’t. It was one of those lifeguards. She pulled me out of the wave simulation. Man, at the point I was so gracious to be alive. Ever since that day I have made it a point of duty to learn how to swim because learning how to swim can save my life, it also helps me to enjoy life in San Diego and at San Diego beaches as well as it makes me a lot less reliant on a little boy with an inflatable tube.