ayla - lakewood, Washington
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had a person that transforms into the shoulder which holds your tears and secrets? I have. In the eigth grade a man I came to know as Mr.Abdella, my science teacher was the only one I trusted to spill an emotional flood of problems that would change my life.

I came to school one morning that was one of the worst. I had a problem that was tearing away at my mind and spirit, and around 9:40 I was going to have a “breakdown” , so walked into Mr. Abdella’s room and asked if we could talk. As i sat down i began to cry and Mr.Abdella questioned in a curious/worrisome voice “whats wrong Ayla?” and out it came like a cork out of a bottle of champeagn. My issue was large and Mr. Abdella had no idea what to do, but through the whole ordeal he was there for me no matter what.

After Mr.Abdella told people that could help resolve my issue he still asked about the progress that I have made and if my “issue” was getting resolved and each time he asked, the thought of him even checking to see how I was doing made me feel cared for, and in deed it was getting better and I also began to feel as if he really cared in which he did.

Todate I give Mr.Abdella all the respect in the world, because he has been there for me and always cared in all circumstances, this is why I belive in people careing about others problems no matter if you know them or not, also being open minded to others sensitivitys because you never know if one day you will have a problem and the person least expected will help you and care to see if your really improving from the emotional distress from the issue it’s self.