Laughter: Medicine Without a Prescription

Joshua - Amherst, Virginia
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in laughter. Laughter gives me a purpose. I simply love to make others laugh. Without laughter, how would life be bearable?

It thrills me when I make someone laugh. I can make a weird face or make a sarcastic remark about something someone else said. When the person I talk to laughs, I smile inwardly.

My humor is not so much of coming up with jokes. It’s more of playing off what another says. One has to say something before I can make my joke. It’s unorthodox, but it still gets the job done.

The best laughs are those that come from an entire room. This is where someone will say something, I make my comment, and the whole room erupts into laughter. These moments come at the expense of teachers or students who just have unfortunate timing.

I find it difficult to make someone laugh without “poking fun” at someone else. One might call this making fun of people, but I see it differently. My purpose is not to offend someone. I want to make someone happy. The key word is “joke.” No harm is meant with most of the things I say. One has to get used to this if he/she hangs around me. Laughter often comes at the expense of someone else. Hopefully, these people can be less sensitive and realize I am not trying to hurt their feelings.

Try to imagine a world without laughter. What is it like? To me, it’s quiet. It has no lively sound. It seems all the energy has been sucked out of the earth. The people have stone-cold dispositions, and they are rigid and grave. The scene could be described as a continuous funeral. It looks like these people have just received word that the whole continent of Europe was destroyed by a single earthquake. I wouldn’t be able to function in such a world.

For me, laughter makes the world turn. It lifts me up when I am down and makes me smile when I am sad. Nothing makes me happier than making someone else laugh. I once heard that laughter was the best medicine. If so, I’m the doctor.