This I Believe

Arron - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that music is the ultimate escape. I love music so much that I would do anything to ensure its, already definite, existence in human culture. I have a five piece drum set which I am proud of because it looks great, and I am proud that I am able to play it. I may not like being a drummer whose skill is surpassed by many, but I would be much more upset if I didn’t play whatsoever. Going into my garage and emptying my body of all emotion through playing my drums is the ultimate thrill for me.

I can listen to music all day long and never get tired of it. I pay close attention to the detail of each song I listen to and try to imitate the precise skill of the drummers I hear. I am a self taught drummer who doesn’t know how to read music, so I have trained my ears to be able to hear just the drums alone. I can do this throughout the entire song and I enjoy doing it. Several of my favorite drummers are very talented and have such skill I would like to acquire, which is why I listen to the songs the play so intensely.

My favorite band is As I Lay Dying. They are a metalcore band from San Diego. Their drummer, Jordan Mancino, is a small hero of mine. His drumming style is the exact style I want to play. He is known for his very fast double-bass bursts and accuracy while playing this style. This band is very into their music and it is great because I understand their style, unlike most people. I am not saying my This I Believe essay is about worshipping this wonderful and heroic band, rather I am bringing the point across that the most misunderstood of music is often the most meaningful.

The Metalcore genre of music is a genre that is very undesired by most people today. The singing is usually either screamed or roared. The drums are fast, loud, and aggressive. The guitar and bass combine to create a sound of melodic progression, through tragedy. Tough to comprehend, the style creates mystery and curiosity in the listener. For me, this genre has let me to understand that through struggle, good comes forth. This statement may seem cliché and cheesy, but for me it has meaning.

For me the meaning behind it all is that when we struggle, we will get through and conquer the problem. I learned this through listening to music which I enjoy most. If I can listen to music I enjoy and learn at the same time, I feel that music can lead me to other places in life. Songs sung by people who have lived life and had more experiences can teach younger people something about themselves, and humanity as a whole.