Jump in With Both Feet

Melissa - sparta, Michigan
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in jumping in with both feet! Ask my mother. She has spent years attempting to rid me of this quality. This quirk however has provided me with wonderful experiences and life lessons that I never would have experienced by “Looking before I leapt!” Amidst the act of impulse jumping, I may wince, close my eyes and ask myself, “What am I doing?” Or, I may holler, “Yippee!” In either case the bravery and spontaneity of the act itself is very powerful indeed. There is beauty in the jump, you learn if you fall and you’ll further appreciate the glory of success when you get there.

I know many who calculate any and all decisions thoroughly before they act. You know the type. Checklists for the checklist. Slow but sure. These planners must understand all aspects of the situation first and then make a choice based on statistics and careful reasoning. I’m not saying there’s no worth in contemplation but I feel you could pro and con something at length and yet never know what is right. These same people may actually second guess these perfect choices and miss the moment. Jump in with both feet! Consider the situation and commit! Commit with confidence and accept no regrets, only meaningful consequential lessons.

Planners, as fabulous and beautiful as life is, it is by no means simple or predictable. The most sculpted and detailed life plan may never evolve. Some outcomes are truly out of our control. Instead of simply “looking” I think some of us literally “dwell” before we leap and then tip toe around until we are comfortable. My goal is not to be completely careless when making decisions, (despite what my mother may have thought) but to trust my instincts and go for it! A swift glance and overview of the situation should be sufficient. Compare possible options with your core values, beliefs and goals.

Why jump? My choices to leap have brought me many things. I have an amazing husband whom I would have never met. Our first baby is due in December, what a joy! I have a fulfilling career that deviated from original plans. I have beautiful friendships from which I have learned so much. I have bumps and bruises from adventures gone wild. I was a klutzy girl who became a devoted athlete. I have acquired debt due to college loans and a house we made a home. I chaired an event that brought me tears of joy. (A responsibility no one else wanted.) Sacrifices aside it was one of the best experiences of my life. Good or bad my choices have made me who I am. I have gained pride in my current status and admiration for others who never give up. All of my gifts would not be possible without that first leap. I hope you are brave enough to take yours!