Talking Is The Key To Life

Bradley - Bermuda Dunes, California
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I’m eighteen years old sitting at the dinner table thinking to myself about my daily life and chewing on what had happened weeks before. Two weeks ago my dad sat down my younger brother and I, for a “talk”. We both looked at each other and thought; what did I do wrong? Unluckily, it was not us that had done something it was our father who had fallen in a really deep hole and couldn’t get out.

In past years my father had a problem with addiction not only to drugs but to gambling as well. When I was very young around the age of two or three my parents had a big falling out because my dad was gambling and losing a lot of money. For a while my mom was thinking about leaving him so she could protect the family but she gave him a second chance. Well up to a couple of weeks ago nothing was going wrong, in words of others we seemed like the “Brady Bunch”, but I did not know the tables were about to turn.

Well as me and my brother sat down on the couch with our dad he explained to us the things were tough right now and he resorted back to gambling and he started using methamphetamine to cope with his problems. I could not tell at all but my mom could. He explained to us what was happening and that he is going to have to go to rehab for eight weeks but would be an out-patient. This made me very upset to know that my father had messed up, so where does that put me? I thought he was perfect or as close to it as you can possibly get, but to find out he messed up changed my whole outlook on life but for the better.

This made me think as I laid in bed that night and for many nights to come. It made me think that no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes and he cannot put everything on his self including the family problems. This made me notice that our family was not perfect and that we do have problems that we sort-of just sweep under the rug but it has obviously effected my father very deeply. Seeing my father the way he was made me upset because he was crying because he thought he had failed in teaching us right from wrong but really he brought things into reality. He should our family that no one is perfect, and no matter the size of mistake you still have to move on and learn from it not dwell on it every day of your life.

I sat down with my father the other day and talked to him and told him that we all have bad decisions and I do not care how big yours was or how small it makes others seem, we all go through them. This I Believe