I Believe in Music

Nathan - Amherst, Virginia
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in music. I believe that all we do in life has its own natural rhythm and beat. Emotions are linked to crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos, and other rises and falls in music. Hard times are dissonances in the music, good times are perfectly pitched chords, and slow times are retards in the music. When all the pieces of life finally fit together before us we notice the created harmony and how each piece interacts.

The rhythm and beat can be felt at the start of each day. Your body is testing its surroundings seeing if it’s a good start to the day. It snaps to the beat, finding the pattern of the music. It listens for the smooth entrance of the rhythm section so that it too may join in on the song.

Then the emotions of the day start to come. When there is a happy moment, every “instrument” grows into a great crescendo and life is loud and joyous. However, when you are feeling hurt because your girlfriend left you or your dog died, a decrescendo occurs and life seems quiet and small. Then there are those moments where you are surprised by a snake or a birthday gathering and life immediately jumps into a sforzando when it rises, but you don’t know if it is going to stay loud or collapse into a decrescendo.

When you clash with another person it is like notes that crash together and make a hard sound, you make dissonance. However, if everything is fitting perfectly and life seems to be going along fine, you have found chords that fit perfectly. Then there are the days that are neither happy nor sad but slow. Slow days are like a retard in the music, everything just doesn’t seem to end, and each note just seems to come slower and slower.

These are all present in life; sometimes they all come in one day, sometimes they take a long time to occur. With these pieces of life, or music, a sense of balance and harmony is created. Harmony is every note or piece of the day working with every beat, every crescendo, and every retard in the music. Life is just like a piece of written music, they both contain the exact same elements. The only difference is that music is the human way of representing life. Next time that life looks confusing, look to music for the answer; life is music, all you have to do is listen.