I Believe in Mowing the Lawn every Sunday

Jesse - Bolton, Massachusetts
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in mowing the lawn every Sunday morning. When I was younger my parents would drag me and my three brothers to Trinity Church. It was a beautiful building and I remember staring at the complexity of the beams above and that is about all I would do. We would sit on the second floor balcony and look down the pastor. I found it strange as a kid that I would come to the same place with the same people every Sunday and I still did not know their names. It was very impersonal for me. In my adolescence I could not really understand what the pastor was talking about. The sermon would just fly right over my head. So I did not start church off on the right foot.

Now as I am older my family does not go to church as often, in fact it is mostly just for the major holidays. It is not that we are less faithful, but time has become a bigger constraint. And on the rare occasions we do go to church I still cringe a little bit over the thought of sitting in the pew. As I have grown older I have taken on new responsibilities, one of those being mowing. So every Sunday morning I get up early and mow all the lawns around my house. Some might find it strange but it is something I look forward to on the weekends. I have started to appreciate the simpler things of life and learn to enjoy the relaxing time I have to myself. As we know this time is so hard to get now-a-days.

The lawn has become a sanctuary for me and has replaced my church. The beat-up green John Deer tractor with the torn yellow seat that I have to turn on with a screwdriver has become my pew. The morning birds are my minister. The sun is still low in the sky just poking above the tress. The grass glistens form the dew that feel overnight. I feel am connecting with something bigger than myself and I am able to search within myself as well. This is something which I feel is important to everyone.

Church to me has always been places for me to not only learn about the teachings of God, but to look inside myself and just think. What have I been doing well? What do I need to work on to improve my character? Taking time out of your day to ask yourself theses questions will help you become a better a person. Something we should all strive for. Find that activity in life you enjoy and get to spend time by yourself. You do not need to be religious to appreciate self reflection, just a person.