Optimistic as Optimism

Lauren - Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

When I see a misconstrued, skewed media, I see a masterpiece. When I see a disheveled car crash, I see selfless strangers lending hands, hugs, and cell phones. When I see a deprived child suffering, I see subsequent compassion. When I see a demi-teeming jar, split 50/50, respectfully as two equal halves, I see it as half full. I am optimistic as optimism gets! Thus I believe optimism is a necessity and portrays a vital and appropriately positive effect on the human spirit and human righteousness.

Optimism derives from the hopeful soul; the innate core of the honest and innocent human being. It is neither selfish nor biased. It is not proud. It accepts all things in their natural state, and sees them as beautiful. Optimism is idealistic, but far from impractical. How can the state of being positive ever succumb to its evil inverse, negativity?

Optimism opens doors, windows, and sunroofs of yearning chambers, and liberates incandescent prosperity and hope. Optimism levies the melancholy darkness of trifling worries. Worrying is redundant and leads only to unfulfilled aspirations and failure. This ‘negativity blanket’ wraps individuals in sorrow, and suffocates all opportunity of individual achievement, enlightenment and happiness. No optimism; no success. No optimism; no potential happiness. The pursuit of happiness is the most important and wonderful of human possessions. It is appropriately and practically our only natural right. Happiness is the one entity every person truly deserves.

The world is a mean place, with even meaner people. No one likes a mean person, this I know is true. Pleasant people help make the world’s atmosphere an even more pleasant and comfortable environment. Think of a smile. An honest smile is only beneficial. Optimists make cumbersome and sour scenarios a little easier to masticate, swallow, and eventually accept. Embracing your understandings conducts nirvana. What’s better than paradise? Optimism is something we can all trust and surely feel positive about!

Crucially, every individual has the choice to live how they more or less please. One can be miserable if they wish. One can choose to be gluttonous or even jealous. One is not forced to feel miserable. External events may trigger maladies, but optimism cures these woes with saving grace. Even if one is down on his luck and contains no prospects, he can still be optimistic that one day he will again be happy. Or one could choose to be optimistic and fruitful. Happiness is natural, lovely, and inspiring. There is no harm in being optimistic. Only good can derive from happiness. Think of the option of being able to only frown or smile. Which would be inspiring and uplifting? Which could save others? Which could save you? A smile is not difficult; in fact, it is physically easier and less demanding to just smile. So just smile, and literally make the world a better place. It is simple and oh so very imperative.

Who knows the positive extent of optimism? One can only be optimistic in believing that optimism has no boundaries and can cure all sinister, horrid ills. Optimistic as optimism? Now that could be the most powerful and uplifting diagnosis of the universe. Feeling optimistic? I am feeling optimistic that you just might!