Getting to the Point

Brian - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in getting directly to the point. I could start off this speech with an obscure metaphor or deep symbolism, but where will that get me? I could say something like “I believe in the value of lost time,” or something infinitely more dissociated from the belief that I am actually trying to convey, and then proceed to explain that we lose time by not getting directly to the point. I could do that if I wanted to be a babbling hypocrite. At this point all of you are (and if you’re not then you should be) asking yourselves, “isn’t he babbling right now? What a hypocrite.” To my defense, I know I am rambling a bit. So forgive me for rambling this one time, for I must to adequately communicate my belief.

Everything works more efficiently when everybody just gets to the point. When you write a paper, get to the point. When you talk to somebody, don’t make small talk. Have a real conversation with worthwhile discussion. To a greater magnitude, choose what matters to you in life and pursue that. Don’t float around the journey of life and miss out on a golden opportunity by not pursuing it. Life is serious, and you must take it seriously by realizing what you want out of it. I am not trying to tell you to work all day and study all night. Life is full of opportunities and experiences that we all must realize, but there comes a time in everybody’s life that they must begin narrowing their options. Pick a point that you want to achieve and pursue it. Some goals are harder to achieve than others, and require more time and commitment. So don’t let a goal pass by because you were not ready for an opportunity. Know what you are looking for and commit yourself; otherwise you may miss the chance of a lifetime.

So forgive me if I wasted your time, for I feel like I have. I believe in getting to the point. Hell, I could have been done speaking the first time I said that.