Just A Good Joke

David - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughter can help in any situation, sad or happy. Laughter is a powerful element in life. No matter where you are, who you’re with, a joke is always welcome. Jokes come in many different varieties. There are silly jokes, hysterically funny jokes, and happy-cheery jokes. Every joke has a different effect. Some people may get offended, yet one thing remains the same – laughter is a universal cure. I have told many jokes over the course of my life – most of them harmless, typical candy-wrapper jokes. It seems that whenever someone tells a joke it happens to be at the perfect moment for that specific joke. Anyone can tell jokes, but certain jokes just aren’t cut out for certain people. So it is a wise idea to use tact and discernment when telling jokes.

Being around people you know can be an advantage to telling jokes, but sometimes telling jokes to some newly acquainted peers is also good. I usually tell jokes to my friends, but meeting new friends through friends of mine can do a lot. One day, I had been hanging out with a few friends and some people I barely knew but had befriended shortly. Among all of us was pure, unending laughter for the whole time that we had spent together. None of us were all the same either. One of the people I had met that day was African-American, another Hispanic, and one Jewish. Though we were all different, the laughter meant the same to all of us. The jokes shared between us did vary in type. Clever knock-knock jokes had been told, some “yo mama” jokes, and some funny riddles had been told. None of us thought about anything but the hilarity of the jokes told, and no one was offended by any of them.

The power of laughter is the same in every language and jokes withhold the same value always. Wherever you are, whenever it is, and whoever you’re with doesn’t matter, a good, humorous joke should always be accepted. I am one person that believes in this absolutely wonderful, world-wide gift of laughter. Laughter works wonders and jokes can cheer anyone up even on the dreariest of days.