Kelsey - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in having control and knowing when enough is enough. I guess that many woman and girls in this world wake up every morning and looks in the mirror and gets ready for the day ahead. When I look in the mirror every morning I not only get ready for the day, but I sit there and think of ways that I could improve the way I look. It maybe as simple as parting my hair a different way to make me feel or look better. It’s not only about what I look like, but how much I eat and how I act around friends.

When I’m around friends it’s all about what I look like. Many of the friends that I hang out with tend to eat less when they’re around skinny girls. When I’m around them I tend to eat less myself, maybe because I want to fit in with my friends and be more like them. Many of my friends think they’re fat and they need to go on diets, like the one hundred calorie diet and only eat few selected things. When they think they have reached their max, they tend to starve themselves until the next day when they can start all over again. After I realized that I was becoming one of them, I had to find a way to get help because I knew that if I continued with this little intake of food I would soon be anorexic. Some of the other girls were already well on their way down this path.

So I started to changes my way of eating, thinking, and who I hung out with. I went back to my old friends that ate three to four times a day, which is appropriate for someone my age. Now I’m almost back to my old self, but I still have troubles eating huge meals that are put in front of me. Every day I eat a little more than the day before. This is where self control is truly needed.