The Necessity of True Friends

Guy - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

True friends are the foundation of life. Everyone has at least one. These friends are there for you when you need them most. They lift you up when you’re down, help you through tough times in your life and make you laugh when you need to most.

When my uncle died, I was ten. My parents and I were living in south Florida. I had been at school and came home to this news: My aunt had called earlier that day. She called to tell us that my uncle had died. I was devastated. Thankfully it was a Friday, so I didn’t have to go through school the next day. Instead, I called Glenn. I told him what had happened and he came over the next day. We sat outside on our porch and talked about things. He asked me how I was doing. I told him I was pretty upset, and he told me a story. About a year before, his grandpa died. He felt the same way I did. He sat around the house, sometimes crying, sometimes remembering and other times just thinking. I couldn’t understand how this related to me. He smiled and laughed. Then he was serious again. “Patrick,” he said, “I got over it. I found out that it helps if you think about the good times you had with your uncle. What did you used to do together?” After that, his mom came to pick him up.

Later that night, as I was sitting in my room, I remembered what Glenn told me. “Remember the good times.” As I sat there, I remembered all the times I had spent with my Uncle, such as playing Yahtzee and dominoes, when he came to my First Communion and the time when he took me to an old train car that was turned into a museum in Galesburg. I laughed, then took out a picture of him that I kept under my bed. Then I remembered that if Glenn hadn’t told me to remember the fun times that my uncle and I had shared, I wouldn’t have been sitting there laughing. I’d still be crying. The next day, I called Glenn and thanked him. He asked me why I was thanking him. I told him this: “You were a true friend when I really needed one.” After I’d said that, I hung up.

All in all, true friends help people through the toughest times in their lives. If you are going through a death or relationship trouble, your friends are the ones that will help you through it most, some better than others. What I’m trying to say is I believe that all people go through tough times, and they all have friends who can help them out.