Do something you never get bored

Sanghee - Kyunggi-do
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

While I was walking on the Newbury Street, I saw a little boy holding his Daddy’s hand so tightly. I took out my camera from the bag and took a picture of them from behind. It was the last picture of the roll. In the dark room, I have to be careful rolling my film. I usually push the middle of the roll little harder to make the film be rolled up smoothly. I put it in a black plastic barrel and took it to the sink. After washing it with three kinds of chemicals about 30minutes, I squeezed my film with my two fingers and looked it through the light on the ceiling. It is always the best moment when I look at my film and hang it with a clip, wishing that the pictures will come out well.

One day, I was talking on the phone with my Dad. He asked me how I was doing in the school and I told him that I found my new interest in photography. He wasn’t very glad and said, “Well, it sounds great for your hobby, honey.” I didn’t understand why he said that because I was getting serious about photography. I loved seeing the world through my camera lens and I could stay all day long developing my pictures. That’s how I was passionate about photography. But still, I wasn’t sure if that was right way for my future or just enough for my hobby.

When I took my first Photography class, I had loved taking pictures. I had never learned how to angle, how to set up ISO or which camera I should use, but my friends used to say good things about my pictures. So when I first entered photography classroom, I just wanted to have some fun and not do much work. However, everything I experienced in the first class changed my mind. I was excited that I could be able to develop the actual film in a dark room like what I’d always seen in the movie. I couldn’t take my eyes off when the image slowly appeared on a piece of paper in developer exactly after two minutes. Since I started that course, I spent most of my free time in the dark room to get the best picture.

While my photography teacher was looking at my pictures, she pointed one of them and recommended me to submit it to Boston Globe Arts Scholarship. At that time, I wasn’t aware how huge that contest was and how meaningful it was to be selected. So I let her submit my picture and all I did was just writing my signature on the piece of paper. After my picture had submitted, I forgot about that. A month later, she showed me the Art section in The Boston Globe. I traced down the bunch of names and my eyes stopped for a moment. There was my full name neatly printed with the name of my school next to it. I couldn’t believe it until one of my friends called me that she saw my name on the paper.

After I got the award, I began to think what I really wanted to do later. I ended up thinking that I couldn’t stop this as a hobby because I knew that I had never got bored taking pictures and working in a dark room. I believe that if you do something you think you’ll never get bored, and then you will enjoy your life without any boredom.